Sunday, 24 January 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone,

I just want to welcome you all to my blog!
Z-MODE is launching a new collection in summer and I want to keep you all updated with the process of this exciting event!

At the moment I am busy working on the exciting theme for the fashion show! Lots of crazy wacky ideas to catch your eye, the event will be truly unforgettable! Well hopefully if it all works out according to the plan...

Most of the designs are ready, some of them are still in the creation process.
The collection will be mostly cocktail wear and evening wear.

I managed to get hold of this stunning jewelery designer form Portugal who agreed to lend me some pieces of her work for the show. I was so excited to hear from her as I had no expectations for her to even come back to me!

So to sum it up for today:
colour theme - done,
fashion show theme - finalized,
fabrics - finalized, designs - well almost ready (I must say some of them are lost in my file somewhere! Oops)

I will keep you updated for more info and visuals! Thanks for reading.


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