Friday, 26 February 2010

Mood Board Spring/Summer 2011

After so many confusions, heart breaks and changes, the mood board for Spring/Summer 2011 is now finally finished! I felt a sense of relieve as I put down my thoughts into pictures and finally onto paper.

After sadly leaving my first theme of Alice in Wonderland, I can now feel that my eyes are now wide open and full of focus again.

Perhaps you wander why I ditched Alice... This theme was ponding in my head for long enough. So long, well for those that know my friend Yvette, since Yvette
times! Alice always reminded me of her and she, for as long as I know loved Alice!
So I was full of excitement when I was pondering with my Alice themed fashion show. I had everything planed, from stage to make-up and even th
e special jewellery that I found in Portugal and the girl agreed to lend it to me!!! These accessories are absolutely fab I must say, I still feel very sad to say goodbye to them! There is few pics bellow.

Can you see why I am so sad to leave such gorgeous accessorie
s! Not to mention they were free for me to use!!

After so much work and all ducks in the row, my ignorance caused me this time! I was not aware of the movie coming out at all!!!! Then I though to myself, yeah it will be cool cause everyone will love it! Only wait a minute... the movie is out
in March and my show is in September!!! Everyone will be vomiting Alice by then I thought! Yes and I was right judging on the current Alice popularity. Is Alice everywhere - magazines, Vogue, Bridal, shop windows such as Hoopers, fashion shoots... everywhere! So I guess I was right, once again, pat my shoulder!

Anyway coming back to my point. The final theme for the show is Tea Party in Japanese Gardens. Thank you to my stylist Steph for helping me brainstorm in such short period of time.
Have a look and I hope you like it as much as I do! Let me know what you think.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Taking art lessons from my 7 year old

Just as you thought as a mother you are the greatest teacher you are wrong.
Furthermore, if you thought as an artist you most probably have more knowledge about art then a 7 year old, then you are absolutely wrong!

Here is a picture of my first lesson, just wondering if its going to get any better :)
According to the 7 year old teacher I have broken the rules, as shading wasn't allowed, I was supposed to colour in instead! What kind of drawing without colour, mummy!

And thats how it should look mummy, don't forget to count teeth as well, It must be the same like the other side of the picture!
Strict rules ah!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Jason Wu to unleash yet more fashion dolls upon the world

I just came across this article and thought how bizarre!
Do you think Z-MODE could pull it of???

Jason Wu to unleash yet more fashion dolls upon the world


It’s not just us, right? Fashion dolls are popping up everywhere. (Click here for a mere sampling.) The latest set are from Jason Wu by way of New York–based dollmaker Madame Alexander. Wu comes by this collaboration honestly–he was named creative director of Integrity Toys while he was still a teenager and still oversees the company’s high-end doll lines.

The six dolls, which will be available on in August, are for two different lines–the company’s Cissy collection and their new NeoCissy line. The colour play and looks are familiar Wu territory–a light, one-shoulder polka dot number is not far off a frock in his spring collection–but the real fun is in the details. A lace mask and a feathered eye that are straight from Lady Gaga’s playbook, a glove chapeau, tiny hosiery, a feathered straw hat and a mean pair of strappy green platforms. The dolls in the Cissy line, Envy, Lust and Vice, also have some killer eye makeup.

Jason Wu’s L’Enfant Terrible (left) and Blu Belle dolls for Madame Alexander

And then again I thought for myself perhaps not we will skip this part for now! :) Freaky, aren't they!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tatton Park wedding fair

I had a nice time with my daughter browsing around wedding show on Sunday. Looking for some inspiration for my show. Fashion show was nice, and I must say that looks like the choreography is moving more towards fun side, not your usual serious models. I must say as a guest I had loads of fun! The boys were funny and brought all the show to life! That made me think now... perhaps I should collaborate with some mens wear designer or tailoring brand??? I think that would be good sharing the show as well as giving some variety for the guests. Anyway I will give it a think about that...

Going to attend to poorly finger, my daughter had an operation yesterday so she is getting spoiled rotten!