Tuesday, 18 October 2011

z-mode receives Celeb approval

Tv presenter Zoe Hardman looking fabulous in z-mode during London Fashion Week
Agne Motiejunaite from Made in Chelsea spotted wearing z-mode in the private yacht during her trip to Monaco

Caprice Bourret wearing z-mode for her photo shoot and filming for Sparkle.com http://www.sprkle.com/stars/caprice/

I am very pleased that finally z-mode receives well deserved celebrity approval!
Have a look at these beautiful girls dressed in z-mode aren't they look wonderful!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Inspired by the 'Cloud Nine'

This is most probably my 'most wanted' dress! I am very pleased and proud that it caught so many peoples eyes.
Our lovely Young British Designers had a lovely post about it, that's what they had to say:

'A fairy tale dress. A dress made of clouds. A dress that floats and drapes and glows about you.'
( http://www.youngbritishdesigners.com/blog/2011/05/19/on-cloud-nine/)

Also there were few request to re-make the 'Cloud Nine' into more cocktail type of dress.
here are some pictures of my private client orders. It even reached Miss Great Britain 2010 finals!

'Cloud Nine Dress' available to buy from Young British Designers (http://www.youngbritishdesigners.com/designers/arising/z~mode/)

'Cloud Nine' inspired bolero jacket
or should I call it 'Cloud Ten' now!

'Cloud Nine' inspired dress for a private client - look how happy she is with her last fitting!

Miss Great Britain 2010 Finals

Sunday, 19 September 2010

London Fashion Week Debute

Finally it is all over! Long awaited show that I worked for countless nights finished in approximately 10 minutes! Now that is not fair I thought! What do you do now?
Especially 3 AM in the morning, Im used to sewing till then! I guess I should learn how to sleep at night again.

It all could feel a bit pointless if not all this fabulous press after the show!
I'm like a small child running to my computer and googling z-mode every half hour!

I found some fabulous articles from http://alittlefashionromance.blogspot.com/ and http://www.ladympresents.co.uk/ thank you girls for your nice words!

While Im waiting how to download my fashion runway video from my old camcorder to the computer I will share some Look Book SS11 pictures with you!
These are absolutely fabulous I think, as the team that was shooting with me was the best I've ever had!

Here is our dream team that contributed:

Photographer: Natalie J Watts www.nataliejwatts.com
Model - Claire Zone models www.zone-models.com
Styling: Naomi Gray naomigraystyling.com
Hair: Tano www.soonhitano.com
Make -up - Mira Parmar www.miraparmarmakeup.com
Jewelry: L'ile aux Ashby lileauxashby.blogspot.com
Monique Luttin Millnery
Shoes: Kandee kandeeshoes.com

Thank you to all!

I must admit I love Rayson Tan wooden accessories form hi label L'ile aux Ashby all the way from Singapore to z-mode cat walk!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Jak Spedding Photography

I have just received these fabulous pictures form Jak Spedding.
He did this absolutely beautiful photo shoot surrounded by flowers.
Whimsical, airy, light and very summery, or just beautiful!

I must say It is always nice to see how different photographers interpret differently your clothes.
I must do a comparison write up one day, it will be nice to see how one dress can have few completely different looks.
For now enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Here Comes the Bride

It was so amazing to see the sparkle in Julie's eyes, she looked absolutely amazing!
There is no better feeling than to see your customer happy, and yes she was! The wedding was perfect, the venue was perfect, the shoes were perfect, of course the dress was perfect and yes she was, absolutely perfect!

Jon was so proud and so lucky and the kids looked amazing too, well behaved as well I must say!

In fact even the weather was perfect too! Not very often you get weather like this in Britain on your wedding day!

So as you see the whole eternity was with you that day Julie, and I hope it stays like this for years to come! Congratulations once again!

I must also mention the amazing photography was done by Shoot Photography www.shoot-lifestyle.co.uk

They did a fantastic job, see for yourselves!