Monday, 25 January 2010

Another excitement filled day

How many ideas one head can take! Ohhh It's just not fair that there is not enough time in the day anymore to keep up with them all!

I got more advice and lovely ideas for the launch from my friend this morning, Im so grateful to have her! My head is spinning, trying to finalize the date for the show... don't want to rush (you can't rush art:) and don't want to be late either.

My main concern now besides loosing my designs is to find the venue. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Ohh, and forgot to mention as well!!!! Z-MODE is getting recognition even before the launch! One of my dresses were selected for the fashion shoot for the LABB magazine which will be out in Feb the same time as London Fashion Week! How exciting is that!
I thought I will attach the picture for you to see, It is not the best quality though, thats all I got for now.

Cheers to you all!

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